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“Passion differentiates Excellence from the norm”

Was it the quote by Galileo Galilei: “Wine is sunlight, held together by water”? Or, was it my first discovery of wine, sipping that Cabernet Sauvignon when the penny dropped. Nonetheless I realised that day, that my life would take on a new meaning and it would evolve with wine. It didn’t come as a surprise when I decided my slogan would be…
“Passion differentiates excellence from the norm”

What is wine? And how is it made?

Seeking the answer to those two questions alone will lead you down your own vinous path and set you on a narrative in life that perhaps ends with a chapter about owning a vineyard, a winery, a brand, or having changed the world of wine because of some innovative claim to fame.
My biggest challenge is how a brand develops, how to assist a restaurateur to sell more wine, how I can grow the distribution area for my estates and how I can influence my friends not to drink a particular brand but to enjoy what they are drinking.

Back to business… where did it start?
Everyone always asks!

I have been a wine merchant since 2005, getting to know the heartbeat of the wine industry and in 2010, NLR-Wines was born.
Some of my current estates took the leap of faith with me and trusted me with their brand and I have been representing them for the last 12 years. I am the Vice-Echanson of the, Chaîne des Rotisseurs association Mondiale de la Gastronomie, Bailliage de l’Outeniqua. This is an esteemed international gastronomic society founded in Paris in 1950.

Wine has the ability to set a mood, enhance food and facilitate conversation from which many relationships are born.
Its intricate and innumerable characteristics can arrest all the senses and turn the mundane into the extraordinary; it’s about pushing through obstacles, enduring opposition, striving for a goal, reaching for the prize - that's what the character quality of perseverance is all about.

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